Rental Fees

*Rental fees vary by location.
*Follow the procedure for extending your rentalif you need to go over your original return time.
*Rentals cannot be extended outside business hours and may not be available depending on current reservations.
*A late fee of ¥100/15 min. is applied if you go over your original return time and do not extend.

Using Babycal

To rent a stroller from Babycal, you must first register, then make a reservation on our website.
*A credit card is required for registration.

Staffed locations

Present the QR code you were issued
when you made the reservation to staff.

Unstaffed locations

Use the kiosk to scan the QR code you were issued when you made the reservation.


  • 1

    Click Register at the bottom of the page then enter your email address.
    Checkyour email for a message with the registration link.

  • 2

    Enter all information required for registration.

    *You may use your home or current accommodation address.
    *If you are registering a non-domestic address, enter "0000000" for the postal code.

  • 3

    Tap the“Register New User”button. You’ll receive a“Registration Complete” email from us to indicate you have been registered.


  • 1

    On the login screen, enter your email address and password.

  • 2

    Choose a rental location from the map.
    (Shown in pink)

  • 3

    Enter your pickup and return times.
    Once your reservation is complete, you’ll be issued a QR code that you will need for pickup and return.
    Cancellation must be done at least 5 min. before your scheduled pickup time.This can be done from the screen where your reservation QR code is displayed.

Pickups and Returns

There are two types of rental locations: staffed and unstaffed.
Both require your QR code to confirm your reservation.
Strollers must be returned to the location they were picked up from.

Staffed Locations

Show your QR code to staff to pick up and return your stroller.

Unstaffed Locations


Tap the pink member authentication button on the kiosk, then scan your QR code.
Select a stroller number, then tap the pink confirmation button.
A light turns on to show you which stroller has been unlocked. Remove the key and take your stroller.


Collapse the stroller and return it to an empty slot in the kiosk, then insert the key.